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I help Latter-day Saint women stand firm in their faith and share their light. Come, stand with me!

Want to stand firm in your faith amid

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Do you sometimes feel like it is no longer popular to believe, even among other members of the church?

Do you wonder if following the prophet makes you look weak or uneducated?

Do you worry about the growing contention and division within the church?

Do you want to prepare yourself and your family to stand steadfast, immovable, and firm in a world of shifting values and perspectives?

Do you want to develop a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ and hear Him more readily?

Do you want to protect yourself against spiritual deception?

Do you want to share the light of Christ without fear?

Do you want to feel more joy in your journey?

If so, you are in the right place. Here, we celebrate belief and seek to deepen our conversion to the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

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Our Manifesto: Covenant Women Who Stand


We are covenant women who stand. We stand, armed with the Light of Christ, the Light of Preparation, the Light of our Covenants, the Light of Truth, the Light of Humility, and the Light of Each Other. Our individual and collective light gives us the courage to arise and shine forth through the darkness and confusion that gather around us.

We stand with our eyes on the horizon, looking steadfastly toward the day when the Savior will come again and preparing ourselves and our families for that time. Though the world is and will continue to be in commotion, we cling to the Lord’s promise to pour out His Spirit upon His handmaids in the days preceding the Second Coming – our days. (Joel 2:29). We feel the truth of that promise as we faithfully seek to hear Him, and He, in turn, speaks to our minds and hearts.

We strive to stand in holy places and be not moved (D&C 87:8). In doing so, we learn to let the world go and seek for the things of a better (D&C 25:10). As we loosen our grip on the world and strengthen our relationship with Christ, we can better find peace, confidence, and joy despite the intensifying storm.

Though we are learning line upon line and do not have all the answers to today’s complex questions, we stand with God’s ordained prophets, seers, and revelators. We believe the Lord reveals His secrets to His servants, the prophets, and, therefore, it is wise to follow their lead. (Amos 3:7) When we have questions about prophetic counsel, we choose to take our concerns to the Lord with faith that He will bless us with further understanding and light.

Because we are working to be steadfast, immovable, and firm in a world of shifting values, we seek to gain a bedrock understanding of the doctrine of Christ. As our understanding deepens, so does our ability to detect deception, raise a sin-resistant generation, access the power of God through our covenants, and express our beliefs with confidence and compassion. (See Russell M. Nelson “A Plea to My Sisters”)

We stand in a world of contention without contending. Conflict is inevitable; contention is a choice, and we choose charity instead: charity for those who struggle in any capacity, for those whose testimonies are solid, and for those whom the Lord has called to lead us through this tumultuous time.

We believe practicality and spirituality are inextricably connected because all things are spiritual unto the Lord (D&C 29:34). Therefore, we strive to establish and maintain habits that support our minds, bodies, and spirits. With supportive patterns in place, we feel more grounded, allowing us to stand more firmly and joyfully against life’s storms.

Come as you are, and stand with us. We can accomplish infinitely more together than we possibly could alone. Together, we can lift each other to higher ground until we all stand firmly on the covenant path. And then, like a city set on a hill, our collective light will be a beacon for the world.

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